Getting Justice to the Victims of Online Frauds Since 3 Years


Suhani CForum is a sturdy community of social activists who help victims of online fraud in recuperating their hard earned cash from on-line fraudsters and cheaters.

Cyber-crime is rampant these days with many innocent individuals getting caught in the web of online fraudsters.  Suhani CForum is there to guide these victims and help them recover their hard earned money from these cheaters.

The safest assumption is that everyone is susceptible to fraud, though the degree of either exposure or susceptibility may vary by fraud type. Some people may, through circumstance or behavior, find themselves frequently targeted by fraudsters and occasionally victimized, while other individuals may be less exposed and thus go un victimized, regardless of their susceptibility to the tactics of con artists. Although research has yet to identify unique markers of personal vulnerability, the demographic, behavioral and psychological profiles of victims are relatively well studied. Profiling is important because it has the potential to allow government agencies with limited human and dollar resources to target information and protection to those who need it most.  An emerging conclusion in profiling research is that there is no generalized profile of a “typical” victim. Profiling studies that analyze victims by type of scam, however, have yielded a clearer picture of scam-specific profiles. In other words, while everyone is vulnerable, some people may be more vulnerable to particular scams than others.

We, through our extensive knowledge and experience, have bought justice to many victims and have made multiple fraud companies shut shop. Through our network and associations we ensure that the victim’s money is recovered with least possible efforts.

Reach out to us if you have been cheated online by:

  • Fake Job Portals
  • Online Shopping
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Others

Suhani CForum also tracks, documents and shares the various kinds of online frauds. We believe knowledge is power and disseminating the same is beneficial for the overall society.

We also specialize in providing support and information to corporates to help them design better compliances and prevent online fraud.