Around the world the growth of internet users has been exponential in the past decade. India in itself has seen a tremendous growth in internet users with the smartphone and internet connectivity boost.  While internet and digital literacy is on its peak so is the network of cyber-crime. In the dark and open corners of internet there are bunch of frauds and cheats who find innovative ways to dupe people out of their hard earned money.

Suhani CForum is a sturdy community of social activists who help victims of online fraud in recuperating their hard earned cash from on-line fraudsters and cheaters. We keep an active eye on the various types of fraudulent activities happening online and figure out the best possible strategies to help the victim. As said, internet frauds are quite innovative and they generally come across genuine and professional. Suhani CForum keeps a track of the same, records and shares it so that the world in general can be made aware of reality.

As a team, Suhani CForum works on multiple levels and are associated with many reputed agencies that work in this sector. Handling hundreds of cyber-crime cases has made us well equipped with the modus operandi, knowledge and the best possible practices to recover money. Our knowledge has bought many fraud companies to their knees and return victim’s money. Our complaints has led to penalizing and bringing to justice many fraudulent individuals and companies.

There are various types of frauds that happens online and it affects millions across the globe. The worst thing is that the victims feel clueless to whom to approach for solutions and most of the time these kind of crimes go unreported. We ensure that whoever approaches us gets the required guidance, empathic support and the way forward.


Suhani CForum is associated with Satya Investigations, a top level private investigation firm that headlines in cyber-crime research and other investigation support. They provide services across India.

Satya Investigations has an impeccable record in solving various complicated cases and providing support for various legal compliances. They are again a part of amultiple international awards winning agency network across India. They ensure that the victims get all the support that is required to pursue a case. Cyber Crime Investigations, Corporate/Industry Investigations, Criminal investigations, Insurance and compensation investigations and commercial client investigations are their forte. Our association ensures that victims who register their case with us gets adequate online and offline support that helps them to recover their money lost through fraudulent online activities.

Our Mission

Our mission at Suhani CForum is to make internet a safe place for all. We have three major goals

  • Online Safety: To make Internet a safe place for online transactions, personal information sharing, prevent copyright infringement and social information leaks
  • Prevention: To create strategies that protects the public at large against cyber-crimes. Also help firms to take essential steps to protect data, create standard compliances and provide support to prevent corporate cyber-crimes.
  • Information: To disseminate the knowledge of Cyber Laws and to undertake preventive measures. To start suitable and appropriate measures to control and prevent cyber victimization in India