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#Online Job Fraud

Mr. Rajappa started his career as a technician in a small factory and through hard work and perseverance became a supervisor in mid-sized company in outskirts of Chennai. It was his life time dream to work on foreign lands and achieve more experience as he has seen many of folks in his vicinity. One day, he received a call from an online job portal, a very convincing and professional lady explained him over the phone about a vacancy in gulf and how his profile is perfect for this. Elated, Rajappa thought this is opportunity he has been waiting for his entire life.

Then started a cycle of demands by the job portal to process the job application. First, they wanted enrolment and registration fees then health check-up fees, after that papers verification and visa fees and then safety deposit. Within a month, Mr. Rajappa had paid almost 1.5 lakhs against these fees with no direct interview with the employer, he was frustrated and angry. He started following up with the job portal but by now they have stopped answering his calls or messages.

This was a classic case of online job fraud so when Mr. Rajappa contacted SuhaniCForum we knew what to do. We along with our allied agencies not only tracked the job portal owner and employees but also recovered the money that was duped. We are also in the process of getting this job portal to shut shop.

#Matrimonial Fraud

What started as a fairy tale soon turned out to be crime saga for Nisha Rajani* and her family. Nisha was 22 when her family started looking out for a suitable groom for her. Smart, educated, independent she was the perfect girl any guy would dream of. They came across Aman through a matrimonial website. He seemed perfect, an engineer with a good job and home in Hyderabad. Nisha and Aman started chatting. Aman emailed his certificates and other details over email. Nisha’a family went through Aman’s social media pages and saw nothing wrong. Things went ahead and they were married 2015.

In was a shocker when Nisha shifted to Raigarh and was told that Aman was a mechanic and that he worked on odd jobs, also their house was rented. Soon, he got verbally abusive after Nisha confronted him on the lies. When checked all the documents shared were false too. She kept her wits and quietly contacted Suhani CForum over email and set up an appointment. Our counsellor met with her few times and guided her on to the process of filing a case against Aman and the support to move out of this marriage.

As this case is sub-judice we have changed the name and location of the clients.