Counselling - Skype, Calls, Personal


Making an Appointment

If you are a victim or witness of a crime or a friend of the victim, once you decide you need help and want to talk about your issue, call on +91-817-947-2086 and register with us. You can also do that over chat and someone from our end will contact you.

You will need to share your basic details and give us a general idea of your issue so that we may arrange for the right kind of counsellor. We would then share the appointment details of your counselling session. If you have a preference, you can request a female or male counsellor and we’ll do our best to meet your need. We can offer face to face counselling, telephone counselling, or web based counselling.

 What to expect in first session

Speaking to a counsellor is going to be easy. Our counsellors are professionally trained to deal with your issues and guide you in the right direction. For initial few minutes there would be nervousness and discomfort but it will evaporate within minutes. Expect questions about :

  • How you are feeling right now
  • Details of the crime
  • What has brought you to counselling
  • Your background
  • What you would like to achieve from counselling

Everything that you share with us in the counselling is confidential until and unless we derive that there are chances of self-harm, suicide or violent reactions. Your counsellor will discuss this duty of care with you at your first session. If you are unsure of anything to do with this please ask your counsellor to explain in more detail.

After your first session, your counsellor will probably have a talk with you about what you would like to do from here. They may suggest that you come back and see them regularly. However, ultimately this decision is up to you.

 Seeing a counsellor for the first time

Seeing a counsellor for the first time can be daunting. Sharing your emotions and going and describing through the stages of crime can be emotionally draining. But that is okay, everyone goes through that. It’s good that you are looking for counselling and know the importance of resolving an issue.

Talking with a Suhani CForum counsellor will leave you feeling listened to, less alone, and like a load has been taken off your shoulders

You would feel much more relaxed and will have a clearer picture after speaking to our counsellors.

 Preparing for a counselling session


Make a note of your issue, dates of crime, people you remember a part of it, their appearances. Detailed information always leads to an early resolution.

 Ask Questions

If you don’t understand anything about the counselling process or you are unsure in any way, just ask your counsellor to explain – that’s what they’re there for.


Our counsellors will never judge you or comment about your lifestyle or personality. We choose the best counsellor as per your details shared while making an appointment. Still, in case you are not comfortable with our choice you can always ask for another counsellor.

 Note taking

Counsellors take notes during sessions and it’s a normal procedure to keep track of the case.

 Try to be open and honest with your counsellor

We understand that there are certain aspects that you are not comfortable sharing, still it’s always advisable to be completely honest with your counsellor as he/she will be able to give guidance only on the information shared by you. If you find in difficult to explain, take your time and put it in as simple words you can. Our counsellor will understand.

 What if you don’t feel comfortable with your counsellor?

It’s ok. Sometimes our choice of counsellors might not be up to your expectation. You may always request for a change of counsellor by calling on +91-912-168-0133 or dropping us a message.