Counselling - Skype, Calls, Personal


 Who are we?

Suhani CForum is a counselling and support forum for individuals who have been a victim or are affected by crime, directly or indirectly.
Services offered:

  • Face to face counselling (refer to the available locations in India)
  • Telephone counselling
  • Text and chat based online counselling
  • Information about Legal procedures, guidelines and adherences
  • Referrals to appropriate services

Suhani CForum can be contacted through +91-817-947-2086 or can be accessed online through our website. Whenever you call or chat we will fix an appointment with our guiding counsellor (if required) at an appropriate time and location

 What is involved?

Our main focus is to support and assist you in your need. In India, there is a dearth of information and support of legal procedures, also the general trust in the system is bleak. Mostly victims don’t pursue justice because they don’t have the right guidance. Here we come in the picture.

We provide service to counsel and assist you when you are a victim of a crime and guide you on the steps forward.

The service involves talking to a counsellor about the crime, any difficulties you are experiencing and steps to resolve the same.

To read more about what happens in a counselling session, or any concerns you might have about working with a counsellor, please see the Talk to us page.

 Who can contact Suhani CForum?

This service is available to assist people across India who has been personally impacted by crime including:

  • Victims of crime – (excluding children under six years)
  • Family members and friends (caregivers) of victims of crime
  • Witnesses of crime

 The benefits of Victims Counselling and Support Service

  • Assistance in understanding the legal system
  • Referrals to services to pursue the legal matter
  • Assistance in dealing with the emotional and psychological effect of the crime
  • Assistance coping with fears and anxieties
  • Assistance in financial support services
  • Assistance in dealing with the law officers and bearers

 Where is face-to-face counselling available?

Please see our locations page.